WWE is known as World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE is an American based media company which is famous for Professional Wrestling. WWE was founded in 1950 and currently, WWE is the largest wrestling promotion platform in the world. WWE Network came up in many fields such as Football, Movies, and related to business schemes. WWE Network organizes around 500 events every year and estimated fans are approximately 36 million spread over 150 countries. WWE is famous for its Rumors and spoilers and its always the trending topics happening in SmackDown and RAW.

Here we will cover the below topics related to WWE Rumors of leaving the WWE which confirmed by Veteran SmackDown Superstars

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WWE Rumors

Otis surrenders the Mr. MITB title

Otis is the SmackDown Superstar who made fans surprise in WWE by winning the MITB contract. Till now Otis made everyone shocked by showing his hottest acts which are coming out of WrestleMania but currently he is losing his fame period by being overreacted in all the topics.

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Even if WWE mentioned Otis as a SmackDown Superstar but according to fans and his capabilities Otis is neither ready nor suitable for being in the top chart of players. After the conservatory, WWE decided not to give the title of Mr.MITB to Otis and he would force to surrender the title.

Sheamus Finally Talks About SmackDown Superstars Retirement

Hearing the latest rumors about WWE, it made quite surprising that WWE has decided to use a former multi-time WWE Champion like Sheamus in a gatekeeper’s role. Hopefully, Sheamus will get a legit push sometime soon where he can establish himself as SmackDown’s Celtic Warrior again.

SmackDown Superstar Roman Reigns Comments On Leaving WWE

It was rumored that SmackDown Superstar Roman Reigns has been the focus of WWE over the past few years. Roman Reigns has continued to lead the locker room. Roman Reigns is still the face of WWE. Roman Reigns made few appearances in the movies of Hollywood.

The WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns stated that he will be talking to Corey Graves and revealed when he would leave WWE.

Shinsuke Nakamura saying ‘cancer’ on-air

Earlier in RAW, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura find their path to the red brand. In the middle of the battles of word with The Street Profits, the former US Champion Nakamura said something which fury the fan’s mind.

WWE has always rumored itself as a company that always helps cancer patients. WWE planned to give him a fresh script but due to the fight the plan changed and it was not possible to provide him the plan which spread the rumors about the scripting WWE.

SmackDown Superstar John Morrison confirms on WWE News and Rumors of Retirement

John Morrison returned to WWE after staying away from WWE for nearly 8 years. John Morrison has already won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Morrison left WWE in 2011 as he wanted to build a career in Hollywood but later Morrison stated that he will make a film as soon as he leaves WWE.


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