Tottenham forward is back in London after his minimum national service.

Son Heung-Min is a South Korean international and as per the laws and regulations in his country, he has to carry out the minimum national service he was required to complete before he turns 28. 
Due to this Tottenham has allowed him to omit some of the premier league matches and do his national duty first. 
South Korean International has said he was not used to things which were happened in national duty but he insists he enjoyed his small army life.
Son said: “It was a good experience. I couldn’t say everything that I’ve done but I really enjoyed it.
“The first day when we don’t know each other was a bit weird but soon we got to know each other.
“We spent every day together in one room, 10 people very close, working together, we helped each other so the time was fantastic.
“Those guys, the first day and second day they couldn’t even speak to me but by the end they were joking with me and we were enjoying everyone together.
“Those guys were nice. The three weeks were tough but I tried to enjoy it.
“I don’t know how the people felt, but for me the three weeks have been long but it was a good experience, I enjoyed it.”
He added: “I’m physically fine, I’m working really, really hard to be at my maximum level and I’m nearly there.
“Now we can train together, we’re training more than the last two weeks.
“Moussa (Sissoko) is back, Harry (Kane) is back, Stevie (Bergwijn) is back, everyone wants to play again and everyone is motivated.”
Son has been in fine form scoring nine goals and eight assists in his 17 appearances for Tottenham.
Son has also received multiple red cards and got injured his arm during this season.

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