According to you which are the most popular sports in the world?

Sport is known for its emotions. Numerous Sports are played in the world but only a few sports are watched by millions of people. Sports is one type of emotion that connects people directly with the heart and becomes a member of the family. Today we are here to ranked top-ranking sports in the world on the basis of popularity, emotions, suspense, and entertainment.

In times where the world has seen violence, sports has brought smiles to the sad faces of the affected parties. In some of the world’s most prosperous economies, revenue generated from entertaining sports activities has helped increase the countries economic growth. A testament to this fact is the effect sport has had on the Gross Domestic Revenue (GDP) of the United States.

The Most Popular Sports In The World

10. American Football

Estimated Fans: 400 Million

American Football, also known as Football which is played in the best places such as the United States and Canada. American Football is also named ‘Gridiron’. American Football matches are played between two teams having 11 players in each team.

Super Bowl is the helping hand for increasing the popularity of American Football. According to the Los Angeles Times in 2020, the Super Bowl LIV scored 99.9 million views in the United States alone.


9. Rugby

Estimated Fans: 400 Million

Rugby Union is also known as Rugby. Rugby is a sport which is originated in England. It is the game played between two teams of 15 players using an oval-shaped ball on a rectangular field called a pitch. The field has H-shaped goalposts at both ends.

Rugby is played by both male and female as there is no gender restrictions. Rugby is sponsored by many top brands such as MasterCard, Heineken, Emirates, DHL, and Toshiba. Rugby players earn a good amount of cash, with the highest-paid player receiving $1.4 million annually.


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8. Baseball

Estimated Fans: 500 Million

Baseball, known for the Major League Baseball (MLB), the pinnacle of baseball leagues in the world. Baseball is played between two teams which contain batting and fielding. Baseball attracts top brands such as Mastercard, Chevrolet, and Papa John’s.


7. Table Tennis

Estimated Fans: 850 Million

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball, also known as the ping-pong ball, back and forth across a table using small rackets.

Since 2003, table tennis fans has increased to as much as 850 million. Though table tennis events are not as publicized as other prominent sports tournaments, it enjoys a moderate number of following on social media. Brands like Autohome and Sports Master sponsor table tennis tournaments.


Is table tennis a good workout?

6. Volleyball

Estimated Fans: 900 Million

Volleyball is a team play in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Volleyball is also attracted many fan’s attention on social media. However, it is less televised compared to other top-rated sports.

Volleyball’s popularity among both genders is on the rise, making it one of the fastest emerging sports in the modern age. Attracts many good brands such as Mikasa, Dick’s Sporting Goods support Volleyball events.


5. Hockey

Estimated Fans: 2 Billion

Hockey is a sport which is played between two teams. There are many types of hockey such as bandy, field hockey, ice hockey, and rink hockey. Both Ice Hockey and Field hockey are among the most famous sports in the world. Brands attracted by this sport are Gatorade, Reebok, and others.

4. Tennis

Estimated Fans: 1.2 Billion

Tennis is the sport played with the racket and ball between two players or four players known as singles and doubles. The types of courts are Hard, Clay, and Grass. Tennis is played by both Male and Female.

What are the five grand slams in tennis?

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams are some of the top players who won most of the title cup finals. Tennis is famous for its grand slam Australia Open, Us Open, Wimbledon, and French Open. Tennis attracts top brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and TAG Heuer.

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3. Basketball

Estimated Fans: 2.2 Billion

Basketball is the top-rated and most trending sports which are famous in America. Basketball is famous for the National Basketball Association (NBA), which has expressed their opinion in support of protesters in Hong Kong. Basketball fans can attest to the fact that brands are willing to spend millions of dollars in support deals with top basketball players. LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s shoe deal with Nike.

2. Cricket

Estimated Fans: 2.5 Billion

Cricket is a sport that connects the heart of emotions. It is a sport which makes people happy and sad. One of the top-rated sport is followed mainly in India. Cricket is played by almost all countries.

But mainly played by countries such as Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India. Cricket is famous for India Vs Pakistan, the Ashes Tournament, and IPL.

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1. Football

Estimated Fans: 3.5 Billion

Association football, is power ranked as a top sport more commonly known as football or soccer, is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of 11 players. Played by more than 270 million people in the world, soccer, also known as association football, is widely followed and celebrated mainly in Europe. Football is famous for UEFA Champions League for the English Premier League or La Liga.

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