National Basketball Association (NBA) in North America is just one of the several men’s professional basketball leagues around the globe, but its ever-growing fan base has made it one of the topmost followed sports in America and the world today. NBA is currently the third-highest professional sport in the world.

NBA has transformed to become the most followed and discussed sport on social media, with over 150 million fans. We review on the basis of NBA players winning, rumors around the world, popularity, NBA vote, and finally net worth the top 5 richest NBA players of all time and their NBA player’s net worths. It is of utmost importance to bear in mind that this ranking and net worths were accurate as of May 2020.

Here are Top 5 Richest NBA Players and Net Worth

1. Michael Jordan Net Worth – $2.1 Billion

As revealed in NBA Rumors net worth of Michael Jordan is the highest and is a very successful basketball career and business venture. Michael Jordan is a very hardworking player who became the best NBA player in less time and the hearts of all the NBA fans. Michael B Jordan 15 years NBA career was marked by incredible play, which saw him win the NBA Championship on six occasions and claimed the NBA Finals MVP on all of those occasions.

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Michael Jordan also won NBA MVP five times and was left out of the All-star game on just one occasion in his 15 years NBA career. His very successful shoe brand with an athletics brand, Nike, along with his other business ventures has made him the richest basketball/NBA player of all-time and one of the richest men on earth with a net worth of  $2.1 billion.

Michael Jordan Wife

Michael Jordan married Juanita Vanoy and was his first wife. Michale Jordan had three kids together: Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. After 17 years, Jordan and his wife divorced in December 2006. In 2013, Michael Jordan married 35-year-old Cuban American model Yvette Prieto in Palm Beach, Florida, and was his second wife.

2. Junior Bridgeman Net Worth – $600 Million

Now a successful businessman, Junior Bridgeman’s success in the business world is far beyond his success in his basketball career. The former Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard played for just 12 years in the NBA. Bridgeman who successfully mastered the art of business currently has a net worth valued at $600 million.

3. Magic Johnson Net Worth – $600 Million

Surely recognized as one of the best NBA players of all-time, Magic Johnson had a really remarkable career, which is still remembered, long after he has left the basketball scene. The 60 years old thespian who is currently involved in various business ventures, has expanded his wealth beyond what it was when he was an NBA player.

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Johnson has won the NBA Championship on five occasions and is a three-time NBA Finals MVP. He has received All-star honors, 12 times and he is an Olympics gold medalist. Johnson’s net worth is about $600 million.

Magic Johnson Son

Magic Johnson’s son Earvin III was born in 1992. Johnson and his wife, Cookie, also have a daughter named Elisa, whom they adopted in 1995. Magic Johnson also has a son, Andre Johnson, from a previous relationship.

4. Kobe Bryant Net Worth – $500 Million

Kobe Bryant’s name is bound to be involved and Kobe Bryant deserves to be on the top of the table in the term of his net worth but sadly he did not get the support of god. Since he was in high school, Bryant was already on track to a glamorous basketball career which was threatened by a sexual assault lawsuit, which did great damage to his reputation. But a consistent spectacular performance, coupled with the absence of any reputation-damaging scandals, led Bryant back to the very position he was striving for.

Five times, Bryant won the NBA Championship and received All-Star honors on 18 occasions. Bryant was valued at a net worth of $500 million before his tragic demise in January 2020. Kobe Bryant and his daughter gave shocking news and the whole world lost the best NBA player.

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Kobe Bryant Wife

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine were married on April 18, 2001. Later that year, the couple celebrated the Lakers’ NBA championship with a parade through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Two years after the marriage, Kobe Bryant was accused of sexually assaulting a Colorado woman. Kobe Bryant’s family was very happy in life but sudden news of a plane crash crashed the whole happy family.

Kobe Bryant Daughter

NBA legend and his daughter Gianna Bryant lost their lives in a helicopter crash on January 26 along with seven others in Calabassas, California. Kobe Bryant and Gianna were buried together at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar in a private funeral. It was the shocking news for the whole NBA world and it was rumored at the lightening speed of her death.

5. LeBron James Net Worth – $480 Million

LeBron James, dubbed ‘King James’ is the number one NBA player currently, and in the top list of the greatest NBA players of all-time. Lebron James name is widely compared to that of Legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan. An incredible player with three NBA Championship to his name, LeBron James has won all the NBA Finals MVP in all NBA Finals which he has won.

James also has two Olympics medals to his credit and is a 16-time NBA All-star. LeBron James current net worth is valued at $480 million. Lebron James is good by his stats and he is very consistent in his performance.

Lebron James Wife

Savannah James is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. Savannah Brinson was born to Jennifer and JK Brinson. Brinson met LeBron James while attending the Buchtel Community Learning Center. Lebron James wife is a popular businesswoman, philanthropist, professional interior designer, and entrepreneur from the United States.


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