England International Ben Stokes discarded the false claims which were made in the Ex-Pakistani Cricketer Sikander Bakht.


Ex- Pakistani Cricketer Sikander Bakht had made claims in his book that India deliberately lost to England in World Cup last year to knock Pakistan out of the tournament.

But after this Ben Stokes has clarified all the false claims and says he never said India lost to England deliberately during the 2019 World Cup and He also shared an old video of him pointing out the same on Twitter. 

Stokes clarified all the things in only one Tweet by writing :

“You won’t find it cause I have never said it… it’s called “twisting of words” or “clickbait”.

The Cricket World knows that England crowned as the World Cup Champions after a dramatic final against New Zealand in the first time of the history of 50- Over cricket.

After this tweet, England International refused that India deliberately lost to England while chasing for a massive target of 338 runs but fell short by 31 runs.

It is a fact that India only lost to England in a round-robin format before a defeat by New Zealand in World Cup Semi-Finals. And India has been heavily criticized for the defeat in semi-finals as India was expected to be a contender for the World Cup.

Written and Posted by SportsDekh


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