Hardik Pandya opened up about his relationship with Natasha Stankovic in his recent interview on cricbuzz.

Hardik Pandya Opens Up About His Relationship With Natasa ...

Earlier this week, Hardik Pandya reveals the pregnancy of fiancee Natasha Stankovic and expecting a baby on social media and got congratulated by almost everyone.

Hardik Pandya on his latest interview with Cricket Expert Harsha Bhogle has revealed some of the things which the world does not know yet.  In an interview, he said his parents even didn’t know about the engagement and even Krunal Pandya came to know after two days.

Hardik Pandya Said:

“Mom and dad didn’t know, even Krunal only got to know two days before when I told him I’m thinking this (getting engaged) I said I had enough in my life,”

“Someone who I have found, who I actually love and I think I’m learning and I’m becoming a better man. I’m trying to go beyond myself. I’m keeping myself aside and keeping someone as priority,” Hardik added.

“She had no idea about who I was. I got her by talking,” he further added.

Hardik engaged with Natasha Stankovic on January 1  and posted a picture of them on social media.

Everyone was really shocked for a while but also congratulated him for his engagement.

On Sunday, Hardik posted a series of photos on social media and captioned:

“Natasa and I have had a great journey together and it is just about to get better,”

“Together we are excited to welcome a new life into our lives very soon. We’re thrilled for this new phase of our life and seek your blessings and wishes,” he added.

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